Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Clemens, the Verdict is Already In

The Roger Clemens saga is exhausting.  3 and-a-half years have passed since the 409-page Mitchell Report identified Clemens name 82 times, yet there is still no resolution. 

Accusations stemming from the Mitchell Report and various former players have been presented, yet Clemens has each time adamantly denied any illegal substance use.  In 2008, Congress stepped in to question the 11-time All-Star, but Clemens remained defiant, despite the threat of perjury charges.

Now, 12 jurors will be left to decide the fate of the “Rocket”.

Is former trainer Brian McNamee telling the truth, or can he even be trusted?  Did former teammate and friend Andy Pettitte really ‘misremember’ what happened, or is he the key voice that could destroy Clemens?

Reports place a potential jail sentence at 15-21 months if Clemens is convicted.

But what if he is found innocent of perjury against Congress?  Will the general public accept the opinion of the 12 hand-selected jury members?  Will the Hall of Fame open its doors to enshrine the seven-time Cy Young winner?  Will his 4,672 strikeouts and 354 wins outshine his perceived guilt?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

No outcome can repair the damage done.  Fair or not, the public perception is that Clemens is a guilty man.  He has been pegged a liar and a desperate star who went too far to protect his legacy.

Though the government has placed the burden on the chosen 12, millions of others have already decided.

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