Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Creative Ousting of Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt is a menace.

Baseball hates him. Dodger’s fans hate him.  The players surely hate him.  And hell, his estranged wife hates him despite her near million dollar allowance.

But for some mysterious reason, he still doesn’t get the message. 

Fans have in some shape boycotted games this season, as attendance has dropped by an incredible 7,153 fans per game, the largest drop in baseball.  But that has done little to deter the litigation-happy owner.

More needs to be done to force Frank’s hand.  So I came up with a few, well, creative solutions to get Frank out of town.  Here they are in no particular order.

1. Stop parking at Dodgers Stadium
$15 per car. 20,000 cars per game. 81 home dates.  That’s roughly $24.3 million for the season.  Frank relies on that cash to fund the team, his investments, and his wife.  Don’t boycott the games and give up on your favorite players; steal the easy money from Frank.

And how great a site would it be to arrive at the game to an empty parking lot?  That’s a statement.

Take public transportation: the bus, a cab, the train system. Do what it takes.

2.  Start a PR campaign…against FOX

FOX has reportedly offered McCourt and the Dodgers a $3 billion television deal that could potentially solidify the owners’ financial hold on the club. Though the deal has been rejected by Bud Selig and MLB, it remains the only viable option for Frank’s survival.

Remove FOX from the equation, and Frank will be forced to leave.

How you ask?  Attack FOX.  Send letters.  Make phone calls.  Start social networking campaigns.  If the fans turn on FOX, perhaps the deal would disappear.  No network station wants the stain of being hated by the second largest market in the nation.

3. Free t-shirt giveaway, Sponsored by ©

Attention corporate America, this idea could work wonders.  If you really want to make a name for yourself, sponsor your own non-Dodger sanctioned t-shirt giveaway.  Here are some samples I prepared on behalf of a few potential advertisers.

Now here are the proposed logistics.  Purchase roughly 30,000 t-shirts. Three hours before game time, start handing out these shirts to the first 30,000 fans with game tickets.  This would have to be done outside of Chavez Ravine, possibly a mile or so from the stadium.  Alternatively, a grass roots campaign could be carried out on-site, in the parking lot and near the gates (if ninjas are involved).

The crowd collectively would love it.  It’s great publicity, cost effective, and would garner a great deal of media attention.  You win; fans win.  And Frank looks like an ass.

Please someone, run with one of these ideas and send Frank back to the East coast where he belongs.  Make the Dodgers a proud franchise once again.

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