Monday, August 22, 2011

Plaxico is Back...Sort of

Photo by AP

It was an amazing play by the former convict. 

After beating his defender down field, Plaxico Burress reached up with both arms, secured a deep wobbly ball from Mark Sanchez, and dove into the end zone for a 26-yard touchdown.  The play came with under a minute remaining in the first half and extended the Jets lead to 17-7.  It was undoubtedly one of the game defining plays that led the Jets to a 27-7 victory over the visiting Bengals.  Simply…amazing!

That’s certainly how one might interpret the touchdown based on the post-game hype.  After what appears to be a routine play, the Plaxico bandwagon is back intact, and numerous outlets and writers are jumping on for the ride.

“A Giant Regret? Giants may regret letting Plax fly away”
“Burress’ first Jets touchdown a brilliant example of his talent”
“Plaxico Burress Let’s Everyone Know He’s Here”

Overreaction Monday is already upon us, and it’s only Week 2…of the preseason.  A more accurate description of the event is as follows.

Facing inside pressure from a blitzing corner, quarterback Mark Sanchez placed a perfectly thrown ball at the outside shoulder of the former Giant’s receiver.  Plaxico had a step on his defender, adjusted to the ball, caught the pass and fell into the end zone.  He miraculously beat the single coverage of Fred Bennet, the 5th year corner out of South Carolina, who last season recorded two tackles and zero passes defended in five games.

This is not a knock on Plaxico.  He might have a great season with the Jets (and I may soon jump on as well).  But to start lambasting the Giants for letting him slip away is silly.  Don’t sing his praises just yet.  Make him legitimately earn it.

It’s the preseason.  That was the Bengals.  And a guy by the name of Fred Bennet.

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